Top Rakhi Gifts for Bhaiya Bhabhi

The word Bhaiya is more often an emotion for Indians. The term means brother in Hindi; however, in India where men other than the husband are considered as brothers, the term bhaiya is more often used for any male who helps a woman in a good way. 

Rakhi festival is a celebration of brotherhood in India. Woman waits for this festival to show their respect towards men who they consider as brothers. Often, it is a tradition in India that women tie Rakhis to those men who are elder or younger to them, though they are not related as brothers through blood relation.

Origin of Rakhi festival

Rakhi festival has a strong base since ancient times in India. Many legends prove the existence of sisters tying a bond of sibling love to men who considered them as sisters and sought care and protection. As per the legend of Yama, the god of death, and his sister Yamuna, once Yamuna tied Rakhi to Yama as a token of affection on the day of Sravana Purnima - the day of the full moon in the Sravana month of Indian lunar calendar. Then, the great lord was pleased and promised that every sister who does this way on this day of Sravana Purnima shall be always protected by her brother and her brother shall remain victorious. 

Rakhi Celebrations

Rakhi celebrations truly show the love of bhai and behen (brother and sister in Hindi). Though tying Rakhi is the most prominent part of the celebrations, the Rakhi special lunch, Rakhi sweets, Rakhi gifts, family get-togethers - all these make the celebrations of Rakhi a wholesome one too.

On the day of Rakhi, brothers visit the houses of sisters. Sisters tie Rakhi to their brother's right-hand wrist and exchange blessings. They give sweets to their brothers who in turn will give memorable gifts to their sisters. At the mealtime, the fun is much more. Members of both the families sit for lavish lunch that includes Rakhi special recipes that symbolize their tradition. Rakhi sweets are the most famous and they find a special place in the lunch menu. Rasgollas, Motichurladdu, and Kajukatli are the most prominent ones on this occasion.

Rakhi gifts

Selecting Rakhi is the purest fun for sisters. They spend hours selecting the best Rakhi that their brothers will love for sure. These days we are finding many Rakhis both online and offline. Rakhis come in a variety of designs and affordable price ranges. Most often Rakhi Lumba Set for Bhaiya Bhabhi available in Kundan, Zardosi or Rakhis based on Gods are quite popular among adults.

For kids, Rakhis come in very attractive designs in their favourite cartoon characters. Chota bheem Rakhis, Superman Rakhis, Bal hanuman Rakhis, etc. beautifully steal kids hearts.

If you are a sister looking for sending Rakhi with Sweets to Mumbai online or Sending Rakhi to Mumbai, you can also consider Sugarless Sweets and Dry Fruit Baskets, along with sending a lovely Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi. This is a nice way to say that you care about your brother's health!

If you are a brother looking for sending Rakhi gifts to your sister, you also have a lot of options to send gift to your sister on Rakhi day. Ethnic apparel and Silver Puja Items suit very well for elder sisters. For teenage sisters, Organic Makeup Kits, Printed Coffee Mugs, and Desk Decor, Trendy Mobile accessories, and latest electronic gadgets make super gifts for Rakhi. For little kids, Teddy Bears and Chocolate Boxes make the first choice for Rakhi gifts.

Whichever it is the Rakhi and the Rakhi gift and wherever you are in the world, do not miss the festival and its spirit. Share the sibling love and strengthen your brother-sister bond. Happy Rakhi!

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