2022 Eco-Friendly Diwali Celebration in Mumbai

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Eco-friendly celebration allows you to enjoy the holiday without affecting the environment or other living beings. Here are some helpful hints for enjoying the eco-friendly Diwali Gifts to Mumbai.

1.Eco-friendly Colors - The Rangolis are the inherent part of Deepavali celebrations, so make that more awesome and environment-savvy while using the organic colors instead of the acrylics. These days, Natural Colors for Rangoli are available and they can be made with natural biodegradable elements such as turmeric, henna, mehndi, rice powder, and gulaal. Such colors are not harmful to human health and have no negative impact on the environment.

2.Gift Hampers-- Include more charm with combination gifting of dry fruits, munchy snacks, fresh fruits, Paan shaped silver-plated and gold-plated pooja thalis to revive the festive sparks. Try sentimental sort of presents with personalized keychains, mugs, cushion, a box of Cadburys Chocolates,Diwali Sweets for Mumbai like, Rasmalai, Rasgulla, Baklava rolls or any sweet packs you are inclined on.  

3.Eco-friendly Decorations - People typically utilize plastic and non-biodegradable materials at festivals. When these items are disposed as rubbish, they endanger our ecosystem even more. You can decorate with paper flowers or actual flowers instead. Plastic decorations should be avoided. You can adorn the indoors and outdoors with fresh flowers, leaves, and diyas. Rangolis can also be made to add natural beauty to your Diwali celebrations. Replace the notion of sewing store-bought plastic bandharwals with those made of flowers, clay, thread, garments, and other materials and celebrate Eco Friendly Diwali in Mumbai.

4.Save Energy - Compact fluorescent lights should be used instead of incandescent bulbs (CFL). To save energy, replace incandescent lamps with CFL tubes. Instead of purchasing pricey bulbs, colored papers can be wrapped around bulbs to provide more colors. Use Diyas to light up the surrounds.

5.Plants --
Infuse fresh air and spirit with lucky 2-tier or 3-tier bamboo plant, air-purifying plants, cacti, succulents, terrariums, bonsai. Pair them with deity idols of Lord Krishna, silver plated Ganesha and Lakshmi for the auspicious Diwali puja.

Now, you can follow these steps to take yourself towards Eco-friendly Diwali Celebration in Mumbai.

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