Quick Valentine's Day Makeup Tips

Valentine's Day comes once a year but is worth the wait for all the love-birds. Celebrated with pure love and affection, the week-long event begins with Rose Day on the 7th of February and ends on the 14th February when couples express their deepest feelings of the heart. This occasion is for one and all who is in love but is most cherished by romantic lovers. The biggest fun of this occasion is receiving lovely gift items like Flowers, Chocolates, Cakes, Greeting cards and other exclusive presents. Getting ready for the day is also someone we look forward to. After all looking gorgeous to attract all the compliments from your love-partner makes everything even more special. With painted nails, a nice hair-do, bold red lips, shimmering eye shadow, and of course plenty of smoke eyeliner, these makeup looks are a hopeless romantic's dream. And if you wish to order beauty care products at great deals, login to our #1 website to order from our catalogue at Low Cost. Whether you are going for a grand V-Day party or about to attend a more private meeting, recreating that gorgeous look at home can be super easy when you have the right products in hand. Let's check out a few easy and quick Valentine's Day Makeup tips for beautiful looks for a perfect evening:

* Look lovely and flirty by highlighting your eyes by using sparkly shades of pink as an eye-shadow. Team this up with Pink glossy lips for that extra glamorous look. Certainly your drop-dead looks will be remembered by one and all for years to come!

* If black is the colour you prefer, go for winged eyeliner and false eye-lashes. For the lips, select deep shades or red or even purple and some dark coloured polish for the nails to stand out in the crowd. Contrast it with a light coloured attire and make the heads in the mob turn for a second look

* For that classy elegant look, use same coloured eye-shadow, lipstick and blusher to highlight your monochromatic appearance. And let your hair loose to bask in some curls or waves.

* The bold smoldering look never goes out of fashion! Chooses golden eye shadow and nude lips or any mellowed lip-colour and bedazzle others with your beauty.

* "Be yourself" look- the best and easiest way to win hearts is by your cute and radiant looks with little or no make-up. You can highlight your cheekbones, wear a peach colour lip gloss and tie your hair in a bun.

* Classic Valentine's Day looks- Drape yourself in a gorgeous red dress and accessorise in silver. For lips, use a wine-red lipstick and don't forget the lip-liner. This goes well with winged eye-liner too.

* Go for super neutral looks with a light-weight foundation, black eye-liner and nude or barely their lips to bring in the look together.

* If you are someone who wishes to try out new looks, then go for a rich crimson lip colour, thick mascara, radiant blush, brushed eyebrows. Your looks will make you the fashionista whom others would like to follow.

* And if you wish to score a perfect 10 on your V-Day looks, use copper-eye make-up with metallic nude lips and a bronze blush. Pull your looks together with that golden dress you have been wanting to wear for so long.

No matter what look you choose, remember to add a personal touch to it and let that shine through your radiant personality.

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