Pranayama for A Stress Free Life

Life in this digital age comes with stress from all the sides and for all the ages. Stress management is really the need of the day to avert its side effects and to regain health from the within. Fortunately, one need not spend a single penny to get rid of stress. Yoga Sutras, the ultimate guide for the inner spirit and health of humans offers simple and easy breathing technique called Pranayama that can work wonders on reducing stress and improving life for better.

What happens when you are Stressed?

Stress, in which ever form it comes, is hazardous beyond a certain limit. Though a little amount of stress keeps us to stay at our edge, in more amounts, it affects our health in an irreversible way. Depression, forgetfulness, lack of sleep and concentration, heartburn, digestion problems, skin ailments, heart problems, etc. can crop up when stress is beyond its normal limits.

It is thus important to identify the source of stress and to reduce it before it takes over our health.

Tips to manage Stress

1.Identify the source of stress and find an alternate way to substitute your role in that task or reduce the burden that task is posing on to you.

2.Eating healthy foods can help you fight the adverse effects of stress.

3.If work is causing you stress, spend time with kids and family.

4.Have a relaxing hobby; spend less time on digital appliances and more time with nature and trees.

5.Practice Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama to attain wonderful results.

What is Pranayama?

Pranayama is all about focusing on breathing. It suggests the correct way of breathing to remove toxins from our body that are accumulated due to stress. It all takes few minutes of time to practice Pranayama and gain the fullest of its benefits.

Doing Pranayama extends and strengthens the life forces. It kicks the stress to out of your body and rejuvenates every cell to its happiest state. Though one can do Pranayama at home, it is always suggested that Pranayama techniques are first learnt from a trained yoga guru for certain time and then practiced at home to reap the fullest benefits.

How to do Pranayama?

Pranayama involves deep breathing techniques that calm down your emotions, and give you peace of mind. Learn and gain expertise from a yoga master on how to perform Pranayama techniques such as Sitali and Shitkari. Then daily practice them, preferably on empty stomach at least starting with 8-10 rounds of each breathing technique and gradually keep increasing the count.

If you cannot devote time for a long span, you can also divide the time duration into shorter intervals and do pranayama both in morning and evening. Remember, keeping going though in shorter spans is important than not doing at all.

Benefits of Pranayama

1.Your emotions will be under control.

2.Your stress levels come down; you become ready to handle any sort of situation with confidence and cool mind.

3.Your BP and pulse levels become normal.

4.Gradually, all the negative emotions and toxins would be flushed out of your body.

5.In the long run, you will notice a drastic improvement in your attitude, thinking and health.

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