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Daisy Flowers possess a tender yellow bosom and pleasing white petals. Found in the zones of North and Central Europe, Daisies Bloom with the first light of a day. Favored for both bouquets and gardens, Daisy Flower is popular in the world as Shasta Daisy and African Daisy. Shasta Daisy gaining its name from California's volcano mountain Mount Shasta is the white-petal Flower which is highly favored for arranging Flower sprays and covering garden grounds. African Daisy is a highly luminous Flower which is also denominated as 'Goddess of the Sun' for its intense luster. Available in the hues of white, apricot, orange and yellow, African Daisy opens its petals during the fullest sunlight and curls them down on cloudy days and night time. Termed also as the African Cape Marigold, African Daisy Blossoms from April to August.

The name 'Daisy' is thought to have come from the Old English 'Daes Eag' that stands for 'Day's Eye'. The Daisy Blossom opens up at the period of early to mid-summer. This Blossom is actually made up with two Flowers. The white petals are taken to be one single Flower and the yellow or blue middle, looking like an 'eye', is considered to be another Flower. Both the environs of sunlight and shades with exact temperature requisite of above 30F (-34C) and land that is well-irrigated are suitable for growing Daisies. This Blossom does not need much of care and are thus very popular as Blossoms that can be grown in gardens. The family of 'vascular plants' is the parent of the Daisy Flower. This family of plants makes up almost 10% of all Flowering plants on Earth. Daisies Assorted Flowers Bouquet are further highly effective for healing ailments like cough, indigestion and also can be used to stop bleeding and moreover, as per Homeopathy, are effective in soothing back pain. This highly eminent and really admirable wild Flower stands for the vibes of ethics, wisdom, total trust and loyalty. Daisy, in colour white, is an apt token to esteem and congratulate a couple on completion of their 5 year old marriage.


Principally a tender perennial plant and inherently a breed variety, Gerbera Blossoms come in the colours of orange, faddish yellow, bright yellow, vivid scarlet, pink and dark red. Native to the areas of South America, Madagascar, Africa and tropical Asia, Gerberas have a monopoly in the cut Flower market and are also highly preferred as 'Bouquet Flowers'.

4 well-known forms of Gerberas are:
  • Single Flower Gerberas - These Flowers have a strand of non-overlying ray florets/petals and a green center or disc florets.
  • Double/Duplex Flower Gerberas - These Flowers have a dual strand of overlying petals and a green, black, or dark red, green or black bosom.
  • Crested Double Flower Gerberas - These Flowers have 2 strands of overlying petals with 1 or more inside strands of tiny petals and a black, dark red eye or green core.
  • Full Crested Double Flower Gerberas - These Flowers have complete overlying strands of petals and a small row within, thus texturing making a secured cover over the nucleus.

This Blossom possesses a large Capitulum with astonishing, two-rim ray florets in shades of yellow, orange, white, red or pink and the Capitulum, resembling like a singular Flower, is actually composed of hundreds of individual Flowers. The Flower heads of this Blossom measure from 7 cm called as Gerbera Mini 'Harley' in diameter to 12 cm called as Gerbera 'Golden Serena'. Gerbera structure is considered as the perfect Flower organism for studies on floral formations. Gerberas are also called as Gerbera Daisies, as Daisy is a common suffix attached to all types of plants that come from the Asteraceae family of plants. Gerberas also belong to this family and thus the suffix. Transvaal Daisy, Hilton Daisy, Barberton Daisy and Ghostly Daisy are some of the heard-of Gerbera Blossoms. Gerberas Joyful Emotions Gerberas Premium Heart Shaped Arrangement grow best in soils which are moist but are not totally drenched. The Hybrid Gerberas, made by tissue culture, are the long-lasting ones that have their petals open up in the darkness--therein being an elect option for interior Flower decorations. On Mother's Day, Bright Pink Gerbera Daisies are highly popular Flower gifts for conveying regards and love to Mothers.

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