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Honor of trees, Flowers possess the wondrous appeal to yield delight within a heart at any time and circumstances. The celestial aroma, the satiating shine and the dazing exuberance make Blossoms the best heart-stealers of this universe. The ecstasy that a bunch of fresh Blooms can fetch to a mind exceeds by heights the glee of getting a comparatively expensive gift. The marvel of Flowers never fails to work whether for beautifying a lady or for decorating interiors of a home. Among the innumerable eternally marvelous Blossoms that thrive in the nature, Bird-of-Paradise, Carnations, Daisies, Gerberas, Lilies, Magnolias, Orchids, Roses, Tulips and Zinnias are some of the most desired for and most sought-after ones.

Birds of Paradise

The cardinal logo of Tropical Flowers, the Birds-of-Paradise (BOP) Blossom is a wondrous bird-in-flight designed orange-blue Blossom. This Blossom is entitled as the most colourful Bloom of nature and is native to the areas of South Africa. BOP opens up during the time-stretch of September to May and exhibits the exquisite shape of a bird's beak and its head plumage and thereby derives its name. Praised as the true floral sign of Eden, this Blossom illustrates the simple but overwhelming delight of living life. BOP is also a very attractive and sought-after Flowering plant for making pictorial landscape sceneries. In addition to the mind-stunning prismatic Blossoms, the thick, glossy and radiant leaves of the BOP plant, set in a crown-like form and having a broadness and measure of 6 inches and 18 inches respectively, moreover multiplies the beauty of the plant. The Birds-of-Paradise foliage looks like the tiny banana leaves with long petioles.

BOP Exotic Birds of Paradise Flowers Arrangement is the principal Bloom for making Tropical Flower bouquets and is the most famous Flower in the family of the Exotic Flowers. The singularly pretty texture and luminous colours of BOP have made them a florist's favorite.

The BOP plants always require hot and watery environ to dwell. Along with the heat of the full beaming sun, the temperatures of 65-70�F. (18-21�C) during the day and nothing shorter than 50�F (10�C) during the night fit most aptly for letting the BOP plant grow. The BOP finds the wet soil on seasons of spring and summer the best to reside and at the period between the fall and the winter, it necessitates soil that is a bit dry. During dry winters, BOP plants should be sprinkled with water on a routine basis for giving them the wateriness and humidity that they suited to. BOP is the floral emblem of the Los Angeles city.

Called also as the Crane Lily, BOP is cultivated in the 4 types of:

  • White Birds-of-Paradise
  • Mountain Strelitzia (Botanical Name)
  • White or Giant Birds-of-Paradise or Wild Banana or Blue-and-White Strelitzia (Botanical Name)
  • African Desert Banana


Carnations are native to Eurasia and are primitively of pinkish-purple colour. Harvested in the shades of Pink, Purple, Yellow and Dark Red, these Blossoms derive their name from two Greek Words of �Dios�(meaning Lord Zeus) and �Anthos� (meaning Flower).

At pace with their size and numbers, Carnations are of 3 sorts:
  • Large Blossom Carnations: 1 big Flower Blooms on each stem.
  • Dwarf Blossom Carnations: Innumerable tiny Flowers Bloom on each stem.
  • Mini Carnations or Spray Carnations: Needle-shaped inflorescence of multiple little Flowers.

Famous as the �Flowers of God�, Carnation Precious Yellow Coloured Carnations Gift Bouquet is believed to be the most early and ultimate divine Blossom of this world, as Carnations, in colour Pink is thought to take birth from the drops of tears of Virgin Mary when she weeped over Jesus's execution.

A note on the significance of the various shades of Carnation is given:
  • Carnations (all colours) - Beating of the heart of a woman in love.
  • White Carnations - Celestial love and lively wishes, Sympathy for the relatives of a dead person.
  • Light Red Carnations - Feelings of admiration for someone, Wishing Happy Birthday.
  • Dark Red Carnations - Conveying the emotion of missing one's beloved, wishing mothers on Mother's Day.
  • Yellow Carnations - Grief and misery.
  • Purple Carnations - Mystery.
  • Pink Carnations - Sign of pure motherly love, Greeting mothers on Mother's Day.
  • Flecked Carnations - Feelings of pain and message of turning down.

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