Follow Certain Criteria to Secure the Beauty of Blooms

Interiors of a house graced with essenced and enthralling fresh-plucked Blooms fascinate the eyes more than anything else. Pots and Vases filled with lively Lilies (Overwhelming Flock of Dateless Lilies) or mellow Magnolias creates a divine appeal which every viewer wishes to preserve till the end of times. May not timelessly, but some few specific methods can, authentically, safeguard the charisma of cut Blossoms for a much longer time phase. The very effectual methods to arrest the allure of Vase Blooms for an enduring period are:

The Vase: Hygiene within the Vase must be maintained for allowing the Flowers in it live in a fresh and brightened state. An effective way of cleansing the Vase is to wash it with a mixture of bleach and water. The mouth of the Vase also should be an expanded one so that the stems of the Flowers get enough space and are not get merged with one another.

The Time: Within the 24 hours of a day, at dawn time the climate remains wettish and breezy. During this time, water secretion from the nature also remains at a low level. Thus for these 2 reasons, dawn time is the best time to pluck Flowers since during this time Flowers hold on to their absorbed water and retain their fresh look for a well-enough time even when they are plucked from the trees.

The Temperature: Immediately after being plucked, Blossoms should be kept in a container which is filled with hot water of temperature 110�F (43.5�C). After that, this container must be kept for good-enough hours under a cool shadow. The hot water of the container is absorbed very soon by the exposed veins of the cut stems and for the moisture of the shadowy place, the Blossoms retain this water and thus by this warm-up, cool-off procedure, water absorption of the plucked Flower increases and their longevity extends.

The Cut: Once plucked, the lower parts of the stems of the Flowers should be pruned for allowing the veins to get open and breathe. This pruning should be done in a little tilted angle by placing the stems under the water. This method allows more veins to open up and drink more and more of the water and therein contribute in the endurance of the glow of the plucked Flowers.

The Food: From time-to-time, the water of the Vase of Flowers should be enriched with good Flower Fodders. A Flower Fodder that is composed of Sugar, an Acidifier and Bleach is very effective in expanding the healthy life-time of the Vase Flowers. Sugar acts as the nutrient agent, the Acidifier balances the pH level of the water as well as helps the stems to remain soaked and the Bleach controls fungus in the water.

The Place: Vases arrayed with eye-filling Blooms just cannot be kept anywhere within the interior. Humid places like TV tops, heaters, front door of the house and places where the direct sunlight reaches should not be chosen to keep the Vase of Flowers. In these ambiences, the Vase Flowers begin to loss their water and start decaying very soon. Running ceiling fans and areas where there is the air-current are also not at all suitable for the Vase of Flowers. Shades and dark locations are perfect for placing the Vase of Flowers.

The Groom: Quite often, the stems of the cut Flowers should be trimmed with a sharp cutter at a 45� angle. This lets the surface area of the plucked Flowers to absorb as much water as possible.

On a daily basis, the water of the Vase should be changed and the perished leaves from the stems of the cut Blooms should be cut off. These cares prevent the stems from having bacteria formation over them and thus safeguards the Blooms within the Vase from infection.

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