Flowers, Religion and Historical Linkage

Interchange of thoughts and correspondence of wishes and greetings through Flowers among known selves is a very vintage practice that dates back to the period of the Hebrew Bible. At that time Blossoms were availed of to signal the emergence of the Messiah, to uphold the pure love between two persons and also as the floral mark to depict the Israeli race. This pleasurable maneuver of florally expressing oneself became highly popular in America and UK at the time of the Victorian age. Due to the preference of the Brits for transmission of sentiments like affection, warmth, heartiness, grief, repentance and praise to dear ones through souvenirs over physical articulation of them, in the 19th century, this gesture of Flowery communication was one of the most widely practiced one in the British culture. Floral Bouquets and Flower Arrangements were the top picks within the Brits to connect with their close ones and to be vocal about their deep-felt wishes and true thoughts for their beloved ones. In the British custom, Flowers also stood as the symbol of the virtues of divinity, morality and loyalty. Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity, the 3 prime religions of this world acknowledge Flowers as indispensable emblems of their essentiality. In Christianity, the White Madonna Lily is the symbol of the purest soul existing and Red Rose represents the blood-stained heart of Christ. Both in Buddhism and Hinduism, the White Lotus upholds the holy fervor of the respective religion. The information revolution of the 22nd century may have turned the method of communicating with near ones, bonding with loved ones and complimenting acquaintances an easy and fast one, but the charisma of 'Speaking through Flowers' stays as the most elect one among all the ventures that individuals take for refurbishing old but ageless ties and for creating novel but integral connections. Guarantee of Quality of Flower and Floral Arrangements by well-known online shopping portals of modern times gives all the more encouragement to the practice of 'Speaking through Flowers'.

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