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Flowers of colours White, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Purple, Indigo, Pink, Green and Red signify definite vibes of human relationships and also illustrate distinctive characteristic features of the receiver to whom they reach to.

  • White Flowers Zesty Collection of White Roses Bunch define the essence of loyalty, sensitivity and truthfulness in relationships and symbolize the traits of chastity and morality within the person for whom they are meant-for. Example: White Orchid Flowers, White Roses and White Lilies.
  • Much uniquely, Yellow Flowers denote both the spirits of cheerfulness and patience in relationships. The ever-popular sign of friendship, Yellow Flowers are also given as a souvenir of admiration for someone and as a mark for messaging benevolence to a specific individual. Yellow Flowers are also a choice pick for expressing the desire to revive a bond that has been hurt. Example:-SunFlowers and Yellow Daisy Flowers.
  • Orange Flowers Bouquet of Charming Lilies depict the intensity of a relationship and the joyfulness of being together. Flowers of this colour are primarily gifted to boost up people who are feeling low and to encourage individuals who are facing tough times. Upholding the ardors of liveliness and merriment, Orange Flowers are meant to illuminate gloomy environs. Example: Orange Lily Flowers and Orange Dahlia Flowers.
  • Blue Flowers are the emblem of flaming romance. Presenting Blue Flowers suggest moral support to disheartened mates and also the assurance of being there for friends who are feeling despair. Blue Flowers are also given to express the wish for making peace with a specific person. Flowers of this particular colour are preferred by love-mates for exemplifying trust and pledges in their relationships. Example: Morning Glory Flower.
  • Flowers of colour Purple are the essential hallmarks of honor and splendor. Purple Flower arrangements are gifted to individuals with the purpose of congratulating them on an important accomplishment of them or a positive change in their lives. Example: Aster Flower.
  • Indigo Flowers endorse the virtues of knowledge, uprightness and earnestness. Indigo Flowers are bestowed to someone with the aim of creating a soothing effect on the one's mind and can also be gifted to that person whose enigma has stroked heart. Example: Indigo-coloured Daisy Flower.
  • Flowers of colour Pink Elegant Heart 2 Heart Basket of Pink Roses symbolize that exclusive relationship between two people which is a little more than simple friendship but is not a completely committed bond. Pink Flowers are mainly related womanhood, tenderness and gracefulness. Pink Flower Bouquets are presented to close ones for stimulating them in endeavoring at new chances of life and are also fine tokens to send to buddies and relatives, staying in foreign lands, as a sign of remembering them. Example: Pink-coloured Rose Flower and Pink-coloured Dahlia Flower.
  • Green Flowers denote the essences of unity, well-being, resurgence and youth-hood. Green Flowers are presented to wish the very best to an individual on new beginnings and are also given to people to wish them prosperity in life. Example:--Orchid and Hydrangea Flowers of colour Green.
  • Flowers of colour Red Majestic Arrangement of 101 Fresh Red Roses in Heart Shape signify the emotions of love, attraction and togetherness. Bouquets of Red Roses are exchanged among soul-mates to highlight the temperament of their being in love. The colour Red is connected to the feelings of passion and love on the logic that human heart, the abode of all sentiments, is of colour Red. Example: Red-coloured Rose Flower, Red-coloured Carnation Flower and Red-coloured Tulip Flower.
  • Flower Bouquets featuring Flowers of colours Red and White Scented Enchantment Roses and Lilies Bouquet praise the purity in a bond of love and Flower Arrangements made up of Pink and White Flowers Effervescent Pink and White Roses Bunch enhance the energy of merry-making times.

Digitalization of modern-day lifestyle has indeed created uncountable differences between the socio-cultural livelihood of people of the 22nd century and people of the Victorian era. But the magic of 'Speaking through Flowers' undoubtedly, surpasses the effect of electronic mails and phone messages for getting in touch with old pals, recognizing the presence of special ones in life and being vocal about the specific word of heart for the exclusive person of life. Be it the bygone days or the days of Gen X, the charisma of 'Speaking through Flowers' never stops to daze receivers with its inherent warmth. With ease of Online Shopping, Send Floral Gifts to Mumbai and make this endeavor of 'Speaking through Flowers' a more fast and gladdening process.

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