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Cardinal ceremonies like wedding, anniversary and birthday, socio-culturally significant days and times of solace and happiness, all can be recognized with real elegance with the patronage of Flowers. Your gesture of transmitting Greetings with Flowers for the Occasion in Mumbai is sure to make your connections of heart more and more intensified.

An account is given here about the match between Flowers and occasions:

Flowers do play a cardinal role in multiplying the exuberant appeal of some particular days like January 1st of a Year, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas whose optimistic importance affect the world throughout.

New Year - 1st January, the first day of a fresh year is a day for fun-making and enjoying. Sending floral tokens like Beautiful Bouquet of Birds of Paradise and Anthuriums or Exotic Flowers Arrangement to near and dear ones and decorating homes with glowing and effervescent Flowers is a delightful practice that is realized in almost every corner of the globe. Flower clusters like Sprays (of Carnations or Roses), Goldenrods, Mini Gerberas, Ruscus, or Gerberas and Carnations and Phalaenopsis Orchid or Twosome such as Roses and Pincushion are some of the favourite elects for this promising day. Indoor plants like Solid Green Plantations and Spathiphyllum are also favored for recognizing the 1st of January.

Valentine's Day - This World celebrates the rectitude and strength of love on the 14th of February in a year. Lavender Roses, Red Roses and Red Tulips are the peerless picks of this day. While Lavender Roses are the suitable ones for new lovers, Red Roses match the passion of a maturing relationship and Red Tulips are the faultless selects to uphold the love between a married or committed couple. Example: 40 Mixed Colour Roses Bouquet, 12 Pink Roses in Vase.

Mother's Day - Annually, the 2nd Sunday of May arrives and gives people an opportunity to worship the prime person of their lives, - their mothers. The exclusive Flowers for the day are White Scented Narcissi, Lily of the Valley, Carnations (Pink and Red), Bright Pink Gerbera Daisies, Orchid and prismatic Iris Flowers. Example: Dazzling Purple Orchid Stems Bunch.

Christmas - 25th of December is the Christmas Day that celebrates the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. Flowers and Flowering plants like Poinsettia Plants with Green Leaves and Red or White Flowers, the especial Christmas Cactus with Pink or Red Flowers and Green Leaves, Red Berry Flowers, Red Christmas Amaryllis Flowers and the Paper White Flowers are the most gifted and bought ones to keep up with the fervor of the divine joyfulness. Example: Christmas Tree, Enthralling Bouquet of Buxom Blossoms.

Certain occurrences in the daily flow of human life can also certainly be magnified with Blossoms and they can be turned into all the more earnest.

Birthday - Tulips, Lilies and Dandelions of colour Yellow are the fitting choice for wishing close ones on their Birthdays the hearty message of 'Happy Birthday' and if the birthday turns out to be of someone special, then Golden Marigolds or Red Carnations are the right ones. Example: Bright and Beautiful Lilies in Vase.

Weddings - The classical floral symbol of Wedding is the White Rose which is also titled as the Bridal Rose. From adorning the hair of the bride to being the groom's boutonniere and embellishing the dresses of the bridesmaids, White Roses are webbed in with the conviviality of Weddings. Message to a blessed couple your sincere Wedding Wishes with Flowers to Mumbai and occupy a spot in both of their thoughts. Wedding Bouquets also get made up of white and creamy Flowers like glorious White Stephanotis, encircled by dark Green, waxy leaves or other White floral Arrangements such as a Bouquet Classic White Fresh Touch Dutch Tulips, or Creamy Ivory Calla Lilies. White Peonies and the vintage White Gardenias are also well-favored choice for decorating the Wedding days, especially as wall or table-top furnish. Example: Lovely Colorful Flower Arrangement in a Bamboo Pot, Royal Arrangement of Fresh Flowers

Wedding Anniversaries - To celebrate this occasion, the type of Flower changes in accordance to the change in the number of years of companionship. Give to a pair, on their special day, your Best Compliments with Flowers to Mumbai and mix aroma into their exclusive phase. Whereas the White Daisy fits nicely to praise a 5 year long marriage, the Creamy Daffodil esteems a 10 year old marriage. The multi-coloured Iris Flower matches the grandness of the silver jubilee of a marriage and the heart-stopping Violets enrich the awe of a marriage whose age is 50 years. Other than these special timings, Roses of hues Red and Pink (since they signify lasting affection and endearment) are the all-time popular choice for greeting couples on their Anniversary of 'being together'. Example: Glorifying Bouquet of Dutch Roses, Charming Presentation of Roses in a Vase

Thanking and Apologizing - Recognition of someone's help and thanking that particular one for the support is done best by gifting that one Roses of dark Pink colour. For uttering "I am Sorry", two Flower Arrangements work great. One gets shape with Orchids, White Roses and Purple/Blue Hyacinths (the Blue ones deepen the apologetic gesture) and another is designed with the Sweet Annabelle of colour Blush, Garden Roses, Spray Roses, Orchids and Dianthus. Orchids become the common pick in both the arrangements since it is believed that their long-lasting feature convey the depth of the sender's feel of being sorry. Example: Special Pink Roses Bouquet with Balloons, Artistically Arranged Orchids Bouquet

House-Warming Parties - For choosing floral Arrangements for such celebrations, refinement should be kept in mind as the prime thing. Vases filled clean water and fresh cut Flowers such as White Lilies/Yellow Roses/White Alpine Asters/ Purple Sweet Pea Flower and alike other prevalent fresh cut Blossoms are great souvenirs to applaud the blessed people of the new house. Example: Magnificent Bouquet of Fresh Lilies

Funerals - For willing that the departed soul resides in solace, Chrysanthemums, Gladiolas, Roses and Lilies in the shades of White or Blue or Green are the right pick. White Carnations and White Daisies can also be chosen for this grieving time and Pale Pink Roses can be sent to be in accord with the pain of the family of the deceased. Example: Artful Display of Carnations N Gerberas

Get Well - Thriving Green House Plants, Dark Red and Yellow Seasonal Flowers and the ever-illuminated Marigolds, any among these can be selected to convey to an ailing person the message of 'Be Fit and Fine Soon'. Example: Charming Colorful Seasonal Flower Basket

Puja - Magnificent Blossoms also grace the virtuous and happy temperament of the two very eminent observances of India-which are the fetes of Rakhi (the Sacred Thread Ceremony) and Diwali (the gala of Lights). Every year, the ceremony of Rakhi is observed on a full moon day in the month of August. The ritual involves a brother-sister pair where the sister ties a holy thread around her brother's right wrist and thus their relation gets enriched by vows of defending and helping one another. Each Indian sister-brother duo present one another delightful tokens on this day. In addition to gifts, Blossoms like Yellow, Pink and White Gerberas, Mixed Colour Carnations, Yellow Asiatic Lilies, Yellow Roses and Purple Orchids are popular among Indian brothers and sisters to present to one another during Rakhi. Diwali, the divine lightened-up observance arrives each year during the phase of mid-October to mid-November. Goddess Lakshmi is praised for a prosperous life on Diwali. Blossoms such as Roses, Orchids and Carnations of various colours are offered to Goddess Lakshmi believing she likes these colours. Other popular Blossoms that are availed to present to close ones on Diwali are Calla Lilies, Pink Gerberas, Peach Roses, Spray Roses, Ruby Red Roses and Mixed Carnations Bouquet.

As Ornaments- Red Roses, White Lilies, White Zinnias, Jasmine Blooms, Jasmine Buds Colourful Tropical Flowers, Blue and Purple Orchid Flowers, Yellow and Orange Marigolds, Seasonal White Flowers in the forms of Garlands, Bangles, Anklet Tiaras, Maang Tikka (Ornament worn in the middle of the Hair and Forehead) and Plait-Jewelry (Flowers used for covering the Plait) are highly popular among women to adorn themselves and double up their inherent enigma.

Flowers do possess the capability to embellish and influence the wavelength of a particular day with their essential trait of being naturally charming. The catch remains in choosing the right Flower in its right shade for the right ceremony.