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Honor of trees, Flowers possess the wondrous appeal to yield delight within a heart at any time and circumstances. The celestial aroma, the satiating shine and the dazing exuberance make Blossoms the best heart-stealers of this universe. The ecstasy that a bunch of fresh Blooms can fetch to a mind exceeds by heights the glee of getting a comparatively expensive gift. The marvel of Flowers never fails to work whether for beautifying a lady or for decorating interiors of a home. Among the innumerable eternally marvelous Blossoms that thrive in the nature, Bird-of-Paradise, Carnations, Daisies, Gerberas, Lilies, Magnolias, Orchids, Roses, Tulips and Zinnias are some of the most desired for and most sought-after ones.

Birds of Paradise

The cardinal logo of Tropical Flowers, the Birds-of-Paradise (BOP) Blossom is a wondrous bird-in-flight designed orange-blue Blossom. This Blossom is entitled as the most colourful Bloom of nature and is native to the areas of South Africa. BOP opens up during the time-stretch of September to May and exhibits the exquisite shape of a bird’s beak and its head plumage and thereby derives its name. Praised as the true floral sign of Eden, this Blossom illustrates the simple but overwhelming delight of living life. BOP is also a very attractive and sought-after Flowering plant for making pictorial landscape sceneries. In addition to the mind-stunning prismatic Blossoms, the thick, glossy and radiant leaves of the BOP plant, set in a crown-like form and having a broadness and measure of 6 inches and 18 inches respectively, moreover multiplies the beauty of the plant. The Birds-of-Paradise foliage looks like the tiny banana leaves with long petioles.

BOP Exotic Birds of Paradise Flowers Arrangement is the principal Bloom for making Tropical Flower bouquets and is the most famous Flower in the family of the Exotic Flowers. The singularly pretty texture and luminous colours of BOP have made them a florist’s favorite.

The BOP plants always require hot and watery environ to dwell. Along with the heat of the full beaming sun, the temperatures of 65-70ºF. (18-21ºC) during the day and nothing shorter than 50ºF (10ºC) during the night fit most aptly for letting the BOP plant grow. The BOP finds the wet soil on seasons of spring and summer the best to reside and at the period between the fall and the winter, it necessitates soil that is a bit dry. During dry winters, BOP plants should be sprinkled with water on a routine basis for giving them the wateriness and humidity that they suited to. BOP is the floral emblem of the Los Angeles city.

Called also as the Crane Lily, BOP is cultivated in the 4 types of:

White Birds-of-Paradise

Mountain Strelitzia (Botanical Name)

White or Giant Birds-of-Paradise or Wild Banana or Blue-and-White Strelitzia (Botanical Name)

African Desert Banana


Carnations are native to Eurasia and are primitively of pinkish-purple colour. Harvested in the shades of Pink, Purple, Yellow and Dark Red, these Blossoms derive their name from two Greek Words of “Dios”(meaning Lord Zeus) and “Anthos” (meaning Flower).

At pace with their size and numbers, Carnations are of 3 sorts:

Large Blossom Carnations: 1 big Flower Blooms on each stem.

Dwarf Blossom Carnations: Innumerable tiny Flowers Bloom on each stem.

Mini Carnations or Spray Carnations: Needle-shaped inflorescence of multiple little Flowers.

Famous as the “Flowers of God”, Carnation Precious Yellow Coloured Carnations Gift Bouquet is believed to be the most early and ultimate divine Blossom of this world, as Carnations, in colour Pink is thought to take birth from the drops of tears of Virgin Mary when she weeped over Jesus’s execution.

A note on the significance of the various shades of Carnation is given:

Carnations (all colours) - Beating of the heart of a woman in love.

White Carnations - Celestial love and lively wishes, Sympathy for the relatives of a dead person.

Light Red Carnations - Feelings of admiration for someone, Wishing Happy Birthday.

Dark Red Carnations - Conveying the emotion of missing one’s beloved, wishing mothers on Mother’s Day.

Yellow Carnations - Grief and misery.

Purple Carnations – Mystery.

Pink Carnations - Sign of pure motherly love, Greeting mothers on Mother’s Day.

Flecked Carnations - Feelings of pain and message of turning down.


Daisy Flowers possess a tender yellow bosom and pleasing white petals. Found in the zones of North and Central Europe, Daisies Bloom with the first light of a day. Favored for both bouquets and gardens, Daisy Flower is popular in the world as Shasta Daisy and African Daisy. Shasta Daisy gaining its name from California’s volcano mountain Mount Shasta is the white-petal Flower which is highly favored for arranging Flower sprays and covering garden grounds. African Daisy is a highly luminous Flower which is also denominated as ‘Goddess of the Sun’ for its intense luster. Available in the hues of white, apricot, orange and yellow, African Daisy opens its petals during the fullest sunlight and curls them down on cloudy days and night time. Termed also as the African Cape Marigold, African Daisy Blossoms from April to August.

The name 'Daisy' is thought to have come from the Old English 'Daes Eag' that stands for 'Day's Eye'. The Daisy Blossom opens up at the period of early to mid-summer. This Blossom is actually made up with two Flowers. The white petals are taken to be one single Flower and the yellow or blue middle, looking like an ‘eye’, is considered to be another Flower. Both the environs of sunlight and shades with exact temperature requisite of above 30°F (-34°C) and land that is well-irrigated are suitable for growing Daisies. This Blossom does not need much of care and are thus very popular as Blossoms that can be grown in gardens. The family of 'vascular plants' is the parent of the Daisy Flower. This family of plants makes up almost 10% of all Flowering plants on Earth. Daisies Assorted Flowers Bouquet are further highly effective for healing ailments like cough, indigestion and also can be used to stop bleeding and moreover, as per Homeopathy, are effective in soothing back pain. This highly eminent and really admirable wild Flower stands for the vibes of ethics, wisdom, total trust and loyalty. Daisy, in colour white, is an apt token to esteem and congratulate a couple on completion of their 5 year old marriage.


Principally a tender perennial plant and inherently a breed variety, Gerbera Blossoms come in the colours of orange, faddish yellow, bright yellow, vivid scarlet, pink and dark red. Native to the areas of South America, Madagascar, Africa and tropical Asia, Gerberas have a monopoly in the cut Flower market and are also highly preferred as ‘Bouquet Flowers’.

4 well-known forms of Gerberas are:

Single Flower Gerberas - These Flowers have a strand of non-overlying ray florets/petals and a green center or disc florets.

Double/Duplex Flower Gerberas - These Flowers have a dual strand of overlying petals and a green, black, or dark red, green or black bosom.

Crested Double Flower Gerberas - These Flowers have 2 strands of overlying petals with 1 or more inside strands of tiny petals and a black, dark red eye or green core.

Full Crested Double Flower Gerberas - These Flowers have complete overlying strands of petals and a small row within, thus texturing making a secured cover over the nucleus.

This Blossom possesses a large Capitulum with astonishing, two-rim ray florets in shades of yellow, orange, white, red or pink and the Capitulum, resembling like a singular Flower, is actually composed of hundreds of individual Flowers. The Flower heads of this Blossom measure from 7 cm called as Gerbera Mini 'Harley' in diameter to 12 cm called as Gerbera ‘Golden Serena’. Gerbera structure is considered as the perfect Flower organism for studies on floral formations. Gerberas are also called as Gerbera Daisies, as Daisy is a common suffix attached to all types of plants that come from the Asteraceae family of plants. Gerberas also belong to this family and thus the suffix. Transvaal Daisy, Hilton Daisy, Barberton Daisy and Ghostly Daisy are some of the heard-of Gerbera Blossoms. Gerberas Joyful Emotions Gerberas Premium Heart Shaped Arrangement grow best in soils which are moist but are not totally drenched. The Hybrid Gerberas, made by tissue culture, are the long-lasting ones that have their petals open up in the darkness--therein being an elect option for interior Flower decorations. On Mother’s Day, Bright Pink Gerbera Daisies are highly popular Flower gifts for conveying regards and love to Mothers.


A real choice Flower for making Flower bouquets and for arraying Flower Vases, Lily Flower is renowned as the world’s fourth most popular Flower. It is also the most elected Blossom for making shrub borders and Flower beds in gardens, as décor plants and for embellishing the pool side lines as an original decoration. Lily Flower is popularly cultivated in the hues of white, orange and yellow and Stargazer Lilies, Casablanca Lilies, Calla Lilies, Lily of the Valley, Tiger Lilies and Eucharis Lilies are its most known types. Unfolding during the late summer, Stargazer Lilies are esteemed for owning a divine aroma, whereas the Casablanca Lilies, a Bloom of fall, are desired for their stupefying white hue. Both of them are indigenously Oriental and are the desired ones for designing Flower arrangements.

Bred in the colours of yellow, orange, purple, pink and green, Calla Lilies are the native of South Africa and are much preferred as potted plants and for arraying bedsides. Deriving their name from the Greek word “Calla” (beautiful), these satiating Blossoms Bloom on the latter half of spring. Believed to be the tear-drop of Eve, Lily of the Valley is a charming petite bell-shaped Bloom that outblooms on a huge count at a single time. Grown along the pictorial Santa Barbara coast of California, Lily of the Valley is praised as the ‘the Stairs of Heaven’ for owning a hypnotic fragrance that remains in the air for one whole day. Tiger Lilies are the mind-dazing large and shimmering orange Lilies that possess a distinctive delicate aroma. Found in the water moats throughout America, Tiger Lilies are named so for their tiger-like texture on petals. Also popular as Amazon Lilies, for originating in the humid zones of Central and South America, Eucharis Lilies are the shining white Lilies that look similar in pattern to the pleasing Daffodil Blooms. Eucharis Lilies own a yellowish or greenish center and have refreshing incense. The Lily Flower Sensational Pure Essence White Lilies Bunch is indeed a very desirable and much glamorous Blossom.

A note on the significance of the various shades of Lily is given:

White Lily - Modesty and chasteness, Souvenir to gift at House-Warming Parties when they are laid-out in Vases.

Orange Lily – Integrity.

Yellow Lily - Message of happiness, Conveying “Happy Birthday” to near ones.

Lily of the Valley - Tears of Virgin Mary, profuse joy, the mark of an enlightened heart.

Calla Lily - Exactitude, Creamy Ivory Calla Lilies, gracing the walls and tables of a wedding occasion.

Eucharis Lily - Sign of the attraction of womanhood.

Tiger Lily - Times of prosperity and grandness.

Easter Lily - The floral form of Virgin Mary.

Arrangement of Blue, Yellow and Red Lilies - Greeting the young people on their Graduation Day and wishing them a glorified future.

White/Blue/Green Lilies - Funeral Ceremony.


The Magnolia Flowering plant is the most antique Flowering plant that human society knows. Inherent to West Indies and to the lands of Central and North America, this Blossom gets its name from the name of the French botanist Pierre Magnol. Out-Blooming in the colours of white, purple and pink, Magnolia Blossoms own the width of 3-12 inches of diameters and do not make honey but generate pollens in large amount. As they appeared before the bees, the Magnolia Flowers can be pollinated not by the bees and only by the beetles. The Southern Magnolia Flowering plant, mainly found in North America grows as large as to the height of 50 feet. The American States of Louisiana and Mississippi entitle Magnolia as their official state Flower. Mississippi is praised by the name of "Magnolia State" and the American city of Houston is famous as "The Magnolia City" due to the opulence of Magnolias all over the Buffalo Bayou. The aromatic Magnolia, also known as Siebold’s Magnolia (Magnolia Sieboldii) is the national Flower of North Korea. Ancient Chinese medicine utilized the buds and bark of the Magnolia plant for soothing angiogenic and anxiety ailments. The Blossoms are also considered to effectively remedy lung problems, chests blockage, muscle pulls and stomach upsets.

A note on the significance of the various shades of Magnolia is given:

Magnolias (all colours) - The sign of the feminine dimension of life.

White Magnolia - Purity, Dignity, the mark of Moon or any lunar Goddess and Monday Magic.

Yellow Magnolia - Mark of Sun or any solar Goddess or God and for spells made on Sundays.

Pink Magnolia - Mark of love Goddesses like Venus or Aphrodite and the sign of feminity, love and buddy-hood.

Purple Magnolia - Mark of Roman regality and superstitiously effective on government achievements.


Indigenous to the tropical areas of the earth and the temperate lands of South Australia, Orchids are bright and beaming Flowering plants. They possess an exquisite bent-at-the-top shape and glowing petals scaling to 30 inches. A real symbol of vivacity, Orchids had and continue to affect the hearts of the admirers of wild beauty and remain, whether in the 18th or 22nd century, a perfect token of sentiments to bestow some close one with.

The 2 heard-of varieties of Orchids are:

Monopodial Orchids - They own a middle stem for growth and no superficial Flowering bulbs. In these plants, Flowers get born from the stems within the leaves.

Symbodial Orchids – They possess a Rhizome that lets to the birth of a shoot, which generally develops into a stem and in sequence from it the green foliage and Flowers are formed. The base of this growth allows the creation of another new shoot and the similar process continues.

Orchid Resplendent Fresh Humper Orchids in a Vase is a very celebrated exotic Blossom and is popular as a souvenir for transmitting to the recipient the applaud that the sender nurtures in heart for the receiver’s loveliness and charisma. Orchid is further a mark of a true ‘Pretty Woman’. The message of “I am Sorry” is conveyed best by gifting Orchids as it is considered that their attribute of having a long life-span deepens the sender’s sorry realization. It is also a very thoughtful move to gift Orchids on the first date. During the 3rd Sunday of June of every year, that is Father’s Day, Orchids can be gifted to fathers for greeting them with all the earnestness.


The peerless alive beauty of the world, the Blossom Rose gets its name from the Latin Word “Rosa”. Inherent to the northern lands of Persia, Roses, at present are bred in profusion in Netherlands. Cultured mostly in the colours of White, Pink, Purple, Yellow and Red, Roses Magnificent Presents of Colourful Roses come in a wide array of forms like the climber breed climbing up to 7 meters of height, as well as the mini types. With the heart-filling charm, soul-touching softness and the beguiling incense, the Rose Flower exists in 3 most-known varieties--- Species Roses, Old Garden Roses and Modern Roses. Out-Blooming only for once during summer, Species Roses are the prismatic 5-petal Roses that are also termed as the Wild Species Roses. Old Garden Roses are mainly found in shrubs and as creepers and can endure both the environs of chilling winter and the warm summer. They have a stunning scent and feature in colours of white and pastel. Damask Rose, Tea Rose and China Rose are some of the popular examples of Old Garden Roses. Modern Roses are the hybrid form of Roses that began to be cultivated after the year of 1867. Cross between Polyanthus (a Primrose type) and the Hybrid Tea Rose, Modern Roses are produced in various shimmering and compact colours. Hybrid Tea Roses and Floribunda Roses and Grandiflora Roses are the two renowned examples of Modern Roses.

Rosa Rugosa (Latin ‘rugosa’ implying ‘wrinkled’) is the most preferred Species Rose for the merchandise of the Rose Flower. Unfolding during spring, Rosa rugosa possesses lively incense and petals that are bit creased. Cultivated in the hues of dark pink and white, Rosa rugosa is a native of East Asia.

A note on the significance of the various shades of Roses is given:

White Rose - Mark of principles, honesty, sincerity, Sign of the Bride on the day of wedding, thus the name Bridal Rose.

Yellow Rose - Friendship, platonic relation, excitement and devotion, As Gifts on House-Warming Parties.

Red Rose - Eternal mark of any intense feeling (be it love, passion or longing), Gift for Valentine’s Day among long-time lovers, Ambassador of Love; The 5 Red petals of a Red Rose are praised as the marks of the hurts that Jesus Christ endured during His execution.

Orange Rose - Courage, Dreams and Honor, Messenger of Love.

Pink Rose - Mark of first love; Light Pink Rose conveys benevolence and ethics; Deep Pink Roses convey appreciation, gratitude and acknowledgement of someone’s support; Pale Pink Rose can be sent to be at pace with the pain of the relatives of a demised individual.

Lavendar Rose - Mark of aristocracy, lust and charisma, Gift for Valentine’s Day among just-in-love pairs.

Green Rose - Peace and tranquility, Greetings for good health and an opulent life.

Christmas Rose - Out-Blooms to bring hopes that sorrow will end.

Damask Rose - Newness and vibrancy, Messenger of Love in Persian custom.

Garden Rose - Mystery and Fantasy.

Wild Rose - Vibe of Forthrightness.

Cream Rose - Perfect for going to meet on First Date.

Rosebuds of various colours also convey specific meanings:

White Rosebud - Mark of maidens.

Moss Rosebud - Confession of love to love-mate.

Red Rosebud - Mark of something which is pure and riveting.

A few more points:

  1. A crown of Roses praises the capability of a real successful individual.
  2. Duet of White and Red Roses uphold the unity within two love-mates.
  3. A bouquet of mature Roses conveys true-felt thankfulness from the sender to the recipient.
  4. 25 Red Roses speak of applaud for the recipient, 12 Red Roses depict the wish of being together for times with the recipient and 1 single Red Rose is the timeless messenger of the phrase “I Love You”.
  5. 1 single White Rose stand for purity of feelings.
  6. 1 single Yellow Rose signify the attempt to commence a new friendship.
  7. 1 single Pink Rose is the sign o9f fondness.
  8. 1 single Orange Rose speaks “I am proud of you” to the recipient.
  9. 1 single Lavendar Rose depicts being obsessed with the recipient.
  10. Accepting a Rose from a person with the right hand defines similarity of thinking between the sender and the recipient and acceptance of the same with the left hand means dissimilarity of thinking between the two.
  11. Roses of colours Red and Pink (because they endorse enduring adoration and fondness) are forever sought-after options for wishing soul-mates on the anniversary of their togetherness.


An ever adored Bloom of spring, Tulips are classically considered as the symbol of the Ottoman Empire. These large, 6-petal Flowers are bred in a multitude of colours and at pace with their Blossoming time, Tulips are divided into 3 categories of Early Flowering Tulips: These Tulips unfold on the month of March and early April, Midseason Flowering Tulips: These Tulips unfold at April and early May and Late Flowering Tulips: These Tulips unfold particularly in the month of May. Primitive to the regions of China, Central Asia and Siberia, Tulips are the 3rd most popular Flower of the world. Doubtlessly, Tulip is the Blossom of which most of the human society is highly fond of.

A note on the significance of the various shades of Tulips Long Lasting – Colourful Tulips is given:

Tulip (all colours) - Passion-filled Adoration.

White Tulip - Value of the loved one in one’s life, Classic White Fresh Touch Dutch Tulip Bouquet is availed for adorning wedding days.

Red Tulips - Messaging thriving emotions for a particular person, Among married pairs and committed duos they are the perfect tokens to gift one another on Valentine’s Day.

Yellow Tulips - The warmth and radiance of the smile of one’s beloved, Message of Happy Birthday.

Pink/Violet Tulips - Fine souvenirs to bestow the opposite one with on the special day of First Date.

Multicoloured Tulips - Conveys the allure in a distinctive one’s eyes.


Zinnias are convex-shaped Flowers that unfold at mid-summer and continue to Blossom till the winter. Titled after the German botanist Johann Gottfried Zinn, these Blooms are inherent to the areas of Southwest United States, Mexico and Central America. Mostly selected for growing in gardens, Zinnias come as multi-coloured Blooms and also in an array of shades like red, pink, purple, white, yellow, orange and lilac. Zinnias are specifically native to the dry grasslands of Southwestern USA to South America.

The Zinnia Flowering plant is both a type of annual Flowering shrubs and sub-shrubs. It grows from 10 to 100 cm in height (4" to 40"). The plant possesses stand-straight stems but stalk-less leaves that come in forms ranging from horizontal to egg-design and colours from light to average green. Zinnias Basket of Sizzling Zinia and Other Mixed Flowers grow fine in areas where there is opulence of sunlight and the soil is good-drained, fertile and humus-rich.

The 2 noted sorts of Zinnias are:

Zinnia Elegans - Known popularly as Zinnia Violacea, this is the most heard-of variety that is inherent to the hot lands of Mexico. The plant owns leaves of sword design which, on touch, give the sensation of touching sand-paper. These leaves measure from 15cm to 1 meter.

Zinnia Angustifolia - This is again a Mexican type that owns a low bushy pattern and linear foliage in a linear texture. The Blossoms of this plant are softer than Zinnia Elegans and are available in colours of orange, yellow or white.

Zinnia Blossom is a butterfly favorite Blossom and is also popular among gardeners to grow in gardens.

A note on the significance of the various shades of Zinnias is given:--

Zinnia (all colours) - Memory of a buddy who is staying away.

White Zinnias - True Honor.

Yellow Zinnias - Daily remembrance of a close one.

Magenta Zinnias - Long-lasting Affection.

Scarlet Zinnias - Guts of livelihood.

In addition to the afore-noted infinitely astounding natural Blossoms, the textured-with-hands artificial Flowers are also desired and selected by people of the 22nd century for decorating their households and for bestowing to their near ones on special days. During old times, the artistry of creating artificial Flowers was widely exercised in the societies of South America, China, Rome, Egypt and Italy. Prismatic fiber of birds’ feathers was used by the South Americans to design artificial Flowers, whereas rice-papers were availed by the Chinese to shape these artifacts. For Romans, gold and silver were the elected objects to make the artificial Flowers, while the Italians utilized silkworm cocoons to craft them and for the Egyptians colourful linen fabrics and stained flecks of horns came handy. With the advent of the 18th century, this handicraft gained a prominent foothold in the international scenario principally for the stunning expertise of the French craftsmen, who again got enlightened about this craft from the Italians. Designing of artificial Flowers became well-known in England through the immigrants from France and very soon captured attention of the Americans. In these days, stuffs such as porcelain, plastic molds, clay, silk, leather, soap and paper are the choice elements of artisans to create gladsome shapes of the Artificial Flowers. Varying from the techniques of the bygone days, artists now-a-days fabricate these admirable Artificial Flowers by basing the main element such as paper, soap etc over a wired structure and above it the shape of these Artificial Flowers are crafted. Economical, sturdy and anti-allergic, these artworks Twinkling Polish Durable Flowers, Delightfully Delicate Non-Perishable Flowers fit finely to the preference of modern society as decor items to illuminate homes and also as gifts for close ones of life.